Artisti per Frescobaldi
Artisti per Frescobaldi

The American artist Eric Wesley is the winner of the 2016 Artisti per Frescobaldi Award. The announcement took place at the award ceremony held at GAM, Milan’s Gallery of Modern Art in Villa Reale, Milan. The artist from Los Angeles won with his artwork “Not Yet Titled 2016”, which was selected by the award panel composed of Massimiliano Gioni (Artistic Director of the Trussardi Foundation of Milan), Samuel Keller (Director of the Beyeler Foundation of Basel), and Gianfranco Maraniello (Director of the MART in Rovereto).

“If one possible definition of what art is the capacity to “imagine a world while being in the world”, then Wesley is most definitely an artist able to reach such an aspiration competently and romantically. Beginning with the observation of a bottle of wine, he created an object that is highly refined both scientifically and poetically, activating an invisible void to be projected, and to project us, into a shared energetic universe.”

The exhibit showcasing the three artworks created was inaugurated during the evening attended by journalists and members of the Italian art community. The works will be on display for the public in the Parnaso Rooms of the Gallery until November 6, 2016.

Artisti per Frescobaldi, created and directed by Tiziana Frescobaldi, and curated by Ludovico Pratesi aims to promote contemporary artists from the newest generations. Following the 2012 Italian and 2014 German editions, the 2016 edition is dedicated to the United States and involved the artists Matthew Brannon (USA), Eric Wesley (USA), and Patrizio di Massimo (Italy). Each artist was tasked with creating an artwork inspired by CastelGiocondo, the Frescobaldi family’s historic estate in Montalcino that will be the star of future editions of the Award. The artists interpreted the world of wine and its traditions in different ways: Matthew Brannon worked on the daily consumption of wine, Patrizio di Massimo on its conservation, and Eric Wesley on the relationship between wine, science and technology.

The Award is tied to the Frescobaldi tradition of arts patronage. For over 700 years the family has cultivated relationships with the likes of Donatello, Michelozzo Michelozzi and Filippo Brunelleschi.

Artisti per Frescobaldi represents the family’s commitment to support artists from the newest generations. Tiziana Frescobaldi’s wish is to continue in the family tradition with a project that ties wine to art through contemporary art works.

“I’m happy to celebrate the third edition of the Artisti per Frescobaldi award at GAM, Milan’s Gallery of Modern Art,” says Tiziana Frescobaldi, artistic director of the project. “This year’s award involved two American artists, Matthew Brannon and Eric Wesley, and one Italian, Patrizio di Massimo. I thank them for having accepted to contribute with great passion and important artworks to an Award inspired by a contemporary concept of patronage.

“This Artisti per Frescobaldi Award has been witness to the creation of greatly impactful and complex pieces as well as a demonstration of truly noteworthy commitment by the artists,” says Ludovico Pratesi, Curator of the Award. “Each artist made use of a different expressive language in relation to the past, present and future. I’m truly satisfied of the results we achieved, and I believe they represent an excellent indication of what’s to come in future editions.”

To further support the Frescobaldi family’s support of the Arts, Artisti per Frescobaldi has offered the museum hosting the exhibit a sponsorship for the creation of the complete catalogue of the GAM’s collection.

During the evening of October 21, the 999 Magnum limited edition of CastelGiocondo Brunello featuring the three labels designed by the artists was presented to the attending guests. Proceeds from the sales of these bottles will be devolved in 2017 to to support three young students selected by an equal number of prestigious art academies.

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