Artisti per Frescobaldi
Artisti per Frescobaldi
2016 Edition

Matthew Brannon, Eric Wesley
e Patrizio Di Massimo
interpreteranno la Tenuta di

The Edition

Artists for Frescobaldi is dedicated to the newest generation of artists interpreting an often complex contemporary age that is in constant change. With this award, the Frescobaldi Family, for over 700 years in the wine business, demonstrates its interest and involvement in contemporary art trends and its support to artists in the 21st century. This award falls in naturally with the Frescobaldi family’s long history of arts patronage, but it also begins a new chapter that opens to new characters and different expressive forms.
The three artists invited to Artists for Frescobaldi 2016 are Matthew Brannon and Eric Wesley, from the United States, and Patrizio Di Massimo, from Italy. The award was founded in 2012 by Tiziana Frescobaldi as its Artistic Director and is curated by the art critic Ludovico Pratesi. The three artists were asked to create an artwork inspired by the CastelGiocondo Estate of the Frescobaldi family in Montalcino, which they visited in July and October 2015 to capture its spirit, history and terroir. Each artist will also design a label for the limited edition run of 999 CastelGiocondo Brunello 2011 magnums dedicated to Artists for Frescobaldi. To further emphasise the Frescobaldi family’s commitment to the art of newer generations, part of the revenues from sales of the magnums will be devolved to support young artists from Tuscany.
The award ceremony will be held on October 21, 2016 at Gam, the gallery of modern art of Milan based in the Villa Reale of Via Palestro. The three artists’ works will be on public display in the Parnaso Rooms until November 6.

The winner will be selected by a prestigious international panel composed of Massimiliano Gioni (Artistic Director of the Trussardi Foundation of Milan), Samuel Keller (Director of the Beyeler Foundation of Basel), and Gianfranco Maraniello (Director of the MART in Rovereto).


Erected in 1100 to defend the street that stretched from the harbor of Talamone to Siena, the castle has been the property of the Frescobaldi family since 1989. Already one of the first manufacturing companies of the Brunello di Montalcino since the end of the 19th century, Castelgiocondo is a land of wines boasting a great structure, complexity and balance.

The estate is located on the south-west of Montalcino at an altitude between 180 and 400 meters above sea, and covers 815 hectares. The grounds of the estate vary greatly depending on the altitude, and the hot, dry and windy climate form the ideal conditions for the production of rich, powerful and structured – yet finely balanced and elegant – wines: Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG, Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, Campo ai Sassi Rosso di Montalcino DOC and Lamaione IGT.

Artisti per Frescobaldi

Born in 1971 in St. Maries, Idaho, USA, Matthew Brannon lives and works in New York City.
The starting point for Brannon’s research is a reflection upon the history of advertising visuals and their evolution, which the artist reinterprets by analysing their limits and potential and placing them in context with contemporary life.
Solo exhibition highlights include:
2015 The Rules Are Not the Rules, Casey Kaplan, New York; 2013 Department Store at Night (Five Impossible Films, I), Marino Marini Museum, Florence; 2008 The Question is a Compliment, Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York; 2007 Where Were We, Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria, New York; Try & be Grateful, AGYU, Art Gallery at York University, Toronto; 2005 Meat Eating Plants, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles; 2004 Exhausted Blood & Imitation Salt, Johmn Conelly Presents, New York; 2003 Tatum O’Neals Birthday Party, Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami; 2000 Soft Rock, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.


Eric Wesley was born in 1973 in Los Angeles where he lives and works today.
Wesley’s work is an ironic commentary on the changing relationships between art and society, artists and citizens, and sober gravity and surreal humour. His sculptures and installations offer an irreverent and original look at daily life.

Solo exhibition highlights include:
2012 Eric Wesley, Galleria Fonti, Naples, Italy; Eric Wesley: 2 New Works, Bortolami Gallery, New York; 2011 The Same ol’ New Frontier, China Art Objects, Los Angeles; 2009 New Realistic Figures, Maureen Paley, London; 2007 Spafice, Foundation Morra Greco, Naples; 2006 Audi, Meyer-Riegger Gallery, Karlsruhe; Eric Wesley, China Art Objects Galleries, Los Angeles; MOCA FOCUS: Eric Wesley, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; 2005 Bowie-Van Valen Gallery, Amsterdam ; 2004I love WW2, Locust Projects, Miami; 2003 Jeans Theory, Statements, Art Basel, Basel ; 2002 New Amsterdam Lights, Metro Pictures, New York; Enchilada “The Endless Burrito”, Meyer-Reigger Galerie, Karlsruhe; 2001 Two Story Clocktower, CalTech, Pasadena ; 2000 Kicking Ass, China Art Objects Galleries, Los Angeles; 1999 Camper, China Art Objects Galleries, Los Angeles.

Patrizio Di

Born in Jesi, Italy, in 1983, Patrizio Di Massimo lives and works in London.
Di Massimo revisits Italian heritage and character through an interesting juxtaposition of the traditional and the contemporary across a vast number of expressive mediums including drawing, sculpture, painting, video, and installation.
Solo exhibition highlights include:
2014 Patrizio Di Massimo, Are Ere Ire, T293, Rome; 2014 Patrizio Di Massimo, Soft Corners Lining White, Rowing, London; Patrizio Di Massimo, Me, Mum, Mister, Mad, Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon; 2013 Patrizio Di Massimo, Monologue for two, Fiorucci Art Trust (performance); Patrizio Di Massimo, Inside Me, Present Future, Artissima, Turin (performance); Patrizio Di Massimo, The Lustfult Turk, Gasworks, London; Patrizio Di Massimo, Monologue for two, MdP1, Milan (performance); 2012 Patrizio Di Massimo, The Lustful Turk, Villa Medici, Rome; Patrizio Di Massimo, I want to live like this, T293, Rome; Patrizio Di Massimo, Buzzi’s Turandot (in the form of notes), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (performance); 2011 Patrizio Di Massimo, Modus Operandi, White Fish Tank, Ancona; 2010 Patrizio Di Massimo, The Negus said: Give me the lion keep the stele!, Art 41 Basel, Art Statements, with T293; Patrizio Di Massimo, Col Sole in Fronte, T293, Naples; 2009 Patrizio Di Massimo, Zilkha Auditorium1, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.

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