Artisti per Frescobaldi

A Modern Art patronage project.
From past to present.

2023. The new life of Artists for Frescobaldi: from International Prize to commissioning project.
Daniela De Lorenzo and Massimo Bartolini will work on two original and site-specific works for CastelGiocondo.

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The works of 15 contemporary artists exhibited at the estate


From long-standing patronage to the Artisti per Frescobaldi Prize

Wine and Art

Discover the CastelGiocondo Estate in Montalcino

Artisti per Frescobaldi: the 700-year history of the Frescobaldi family has paved the way for an internationally renowned Prize for Modern Art and a Collection.



A new chapter in the Frescobaldi family's patronage.

Wine and Art


The area of CastelGiocondo dominates the Frescobaldi estate in Montalcino.

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