The Artisti per Frescobaldi collection has been kept at CastelGiocondo since 2017.
The works made for the prize have been installed in various parts of the estate – from the cellar to the garage and the dining room – to create
a constantly evolving contemporary art collection that is enriched with three new works with every edition of the prize.
A special area is reserved for the bottles of the dedicated vintage of CastelGiocondo Brunello di Montalcino, a limited and numbered magnum edition with a label designed by the artists.


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Permanent Collection

Matthew Brannon

It’s the Wine Talking, 2016

Eric Wesley

Not yet titled, 2016

Patrizio Di Massimo

Perbacco, 2016

Jorinde Voigt

A Difference that Makes a Difference (7), 2014

Michael Sailstorfer

Akt 1 - 5, 2014

Yuri Ancarani

1 maggio 2014

Rä di Martino

Paesaggio con dischi volanti (Castelgiocondo), 2012

Giovanni Ozzola

Historia, al-khimiyah, En to Pan, 1100-2012, 2012

Elisa Sighicelli

Untitled (una botte di ferro), 2012

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